Dr. Rolf designed the 10-session series as an orderly process that will effect the alignment of the whole body and integrate the ways that all of the body’s segments work together.  Working within the series allows us to devote earlier sessions to working in the surfaces of the body, middle sessions to focusing on the deeper layers of tissue and later sessions to integrating the work we have done from surface to deep and from segment to segment.  10 sessions is a good target for the number sessions we need to get this integration work accomplished.

The Rolfing 10-session series can be divided into 3 groups that work with different layers and segments of the body in a carefully designed sequence:

Sessions 1-3 are concerned with work in the surface layers of the body.  Opening and organizing the surfaces makes it easier for us to release and organize deeper layers in the second and third groups of sessions.

Sessions 4-7 are concerned with organizing and re-patterning the deeper layers of soft tissues and the relationships between segments of the body. It is the changes in these deeper layers and relationships between segments that create long-term changes for the entire body.

Sessions 8-10 are concerned with connecting and creating communication between the deep and the surface layers. This increases our ability to move from our deep layers with increased comfort, ease and grace.