Further Information about Rolfing™ and Structural Integration

The Rolf Institute was founded in 1971 to carry on Dr. Rolf’s work of training Rolfers and Rolfing Movement teachers, carrying on research and to providing information to the public. Only individuals trained and certified by the Rolf Institute may use the Rolfing™ service mark. For more information about Rolfing™ and training to become a Rolfer™ or to find Certified Rolfers in the US, check the Rolf Institute site at www.rolf.org.

Robert Schleip PhD, a Rolfer and fascia and exercise researcher in Germany has an outstanding site with many articles in English on Rolfing. To learn some more about the concepts we work with and ongoing research supporting our work, visit Robert’s site at www.somatics.de.

Practitioners and studios in the Evanston and Chicago area

Pilates in Evanston – Alexi Akins at Chicago Northshore Kinetics 847.866.9655

Yoga in the South Loop – James Tennant at Tejas Yoga www.tejasyogachicago.com

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Chicago West Loop – Jin Ngan www.acujin.com (773) 592-4559.   

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Chicago North – Mark Reese www.nhcacupuncture.com (773) 506-8971.

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine in Skokie – Joe Mitchell (847) 674-7274 and jg.mitchell@sbcglobal.net

Reflexology in Loop - Larry Clemmons, 111 North Wabash Avenue, (312) 368-0140

Massage in Evanston – Wendy Madgwick works with me in my Evanston office. She can be reached at (773) 960-8939.

Craniosacral Therapy in Evanston – Ginger Crisenbery www.craniosacralevanston.com

Articles and Web Resources

I'm providing links to articles that I have found helpful and stimulating and that might also be of interest to a Rolfing client or someone considering the process. This is by no means a complete selection but a just a small sample.

Body and Mind

  • The Body Reacts to Abstract Thought   We take for granted that our thoughts are effecting how our body feels. This article summarizes a sample of research that confirms what we know with a variety of test situations.


MovementPain Science

Research in Rolfing

Running and Walking

ShouldersYoga and Stretching