Rolfing is a method of working with a person, their body and how they use their body. It is a systematic approach to establishing balance and ease, to align the body’s segments by organizing its network of connective tissue. Rolfers relieve the chronic patterns of strain, restriction and tension in the body through hands-on work with the soft tissues – muscles, fascia, gristle – the connective tissues of the body. We are always working to improve balance – one side with the other side, the front with the back, bottom with the top, inside to the outside – which is felt as more length and lightness in the body.

As I work, I am always asking myself the questions, “Is this body balanced at rest in the gravity field? How fully is she using her body when in motion? What restriction interferes with comfortable standing and efficient movement? Is he breathing fully and deeply?”

After I observe the structure standing, sitting and moving, I work with the client applying various amounts of pressure with my fingers and hands to areas of the body that are restricted. When the connective tissues are freed, many aches, pains and tensions are relieved and a feeling of lightness, vitality, energy and improved overall function is restored. With this freedom, the body’s natural organization is returns, an organization with heightened grace, efficiency and comfort.