Rolfing® Structural Integration

Donald Soule
Certified Advanced Rolfer™

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Rolfing Structural Integration

The Rolf Institute was founded in 1971 to carry on Dr. Rolf’s work.  Its major purposes are to train Rolfers and Rolfing Movement teachers, to carry on research and to provide information to the public.  Only individuals trained and certified by the Rolf Institute may use the Rolfing® service mark.  For more information about Rolfing® and training to become a Rolfer® check the Rolf Institute site at

Robert Schleip, a Rolfer in Munich, Germany has an outstanding site with many articles in English of interest to the prospective client and to the Structural Integration practitioner.  To learn some more about some of the concepts we work with, visit Robert’s site at

For a listing of Certified Rolfers throughout the Chicago area, please visit our site at